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Moto GP betting 1

 Moto GP betting 1

by Press Release [June 16, 2013]

Itís been a good few years for Spanish sport with Spaniards ranking every bit as well in the MotoGP as they have in the football.  Dani Pedrosa and Jorge Lorenzo have now been joined by Marc Marquez in making up the top three of the 2013 world standings.  Only Rossi and Stoner previously seemed capable of breaking the Spanish monopoly, but Stoner is now retired and Rossi is possibly past his best.

The recent Mugello meet saw Lorenzo creep towards the top of the table by defeating his nearest rival, Pedrosa.  Pedrosa has fallen strangely short of winning the title in the past, and it may come down to a test of nerve for a rider who may feel like fortune is against him.  Many would say that the smart betting money is on Lorenzo to retain the title with generous odds of around 7/5 as oppos..... [read more]

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Season champ Ryan Villopoto crashes early in Seattle [April 23, 2012] [Motocross]
It was not the homecoming Ryan Villopoto was hoping to celebrate. Villopoto, the 23-year-old reigning Supercross champion who grew up in Poulsbo, hobbled off the track with an apparent leg injury Saturday night after falling on the first lap of th .....
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In Detroit, building a skateboard art park out of vacant homes and lots [April 20, 2012] [Skateboarding]
Alongside Detroit's East Davison Freeway, new development has been at a standstill for what seems like forever. But a new plot will recruit dollars from the community, expertise from professional skateboarders, and the work of kids in the neighborhoo .....
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Steve Peat Syndicate at Combe Sydenham, Halo BDS#1 [April 18, 2012] [Mountain Biking]
The SPS team is looking massive! They could start a football team with that many riders! Following two days of training at UK Bike Park the SPS team compete at the first Halo British Downhill Series of the year under the wing of Steve Peat. Hop .....
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Video of the Moment

Life Behind Bars - Ultimate freeride MTB house - Episode 1
Pedal over to http://win.gs/1lxRNQQ for more MTB! For more Life Behind Bars visit http://win.gs/L...

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Sky Diving

Full Day Tandem Skydive Safari - 4 Jumps in 1 Day!
Price: $3499
Region: Sunshine Coast
Category: Sky Diving

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30min Point Cook Tiger Moth Aerobatic Flight
Price: $380
Region: Melbourne
Category: Extreme Sports

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Look Mom ... new Knee
being a pro skateboarder, you are always aware of the inherient dangers of this sport. living on maui, it's easy to relax and focus on training, well relaxation was no friend of mine. we were filming for our sponsors on a sunday, you see what happened, the session was heating up all the boys were there. my "set up aris" were in the 6' range (have video) when i misscalculated the landing and slammed on the flat bottom left knee first. at first i just lay there, "are you ok?" then when i tried to stand, thats when the problem made its self visiable. the two lower bones(fibula, tibula) seperated from the femur and were poking out of the back of my knee... in a state of shock, i had one friend pull my foot and another hold my wasist. it went back together. i poo'd my pants (for real) now its ortho surgery. hooray for me. my sponsors however have chosen to stick by my side. rock on... .....
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BMX Ramp Plans - For Safe, Good Ramps [BMX]
BMX bike riding is a very popular game due to the thrill and excitement it involves. However, some experts simply relate the popularity of this game to the high cost of gasoline. This exciting sport requires a lot of practice on the part of the rider .....
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Skateboard Bearings Ceramic vs. Steel [Skateboarding]
Skateboard speed relies on many factors, the most important one is the RPM (revolution per minute) rate of the "Ball Bearings". The ball bearing consist of inner race, outer race, balls, balls retainer and optional closures. As you may all know, any .....
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Wakeboarding for Beginners [Wakeboarding]
You might have probably heard of wakeboarding already. And you have the first impression that this is a "no fear" game - for daredevils; that sounds difficult. Perhaps you're right, but how you approach it is all up to you. Getting started is easy if .....
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