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Moto GP betting 1

 Moto GP betting 1

by Press Release [June 16, 2013]

Itís been a good few years for Spanish sport with Spaniards ranking every bit as well in the MotoGP as they have in the football.  Dani Pedrosa and Jorge Lorenzo have now been joined by Marc Marquez in making up the top three of the 2013 world standings.  Only Rossi and Stoner previously seemed capable of breaking the Spanish monopoly, but Stoner is now retired and Rossi is possibly past his best.

The recent Mugello meet saw Lorenzo creep towards the top of the table by defeating his nearest rival, Pedrosa.  Pedrosa has fallen strangely short of winning the title in the past, and it may come down to a test of nerve for a rider who may feel like fortune is against him.  Many would say that the smart betting money is on Lorenzo to retain the title with generous odds of around 7/5 as oppos..... [read more]

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Season champ Ryan Villopoto crashes early in Seattle [April 23, 2012] [Motocross]
It was not the homecoming Ryan Villopoto was hoping to celebrate. Villopoto, the 23-year-old reigning Supercross champion who grew up in Poulsbo, hobbled off the track with an apparent leg injury Saturday night after falling on the first lap of th .....
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In Detroit, building a skateboard art park out of vacant homes and lots [April 20, 2012] [Skateboarding]
Alongside Detroit's East Davison Freeway, new development has been at a standstill for what seems like forever. But a new plot will recruit dollars from the community, expertise from professional skateboarders, and the work of kids in the neighborhoo .....
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Steve Peat Syndicate at Combe Sydenham, Halo BDS#1 [April 18, 2012] [Mountain Biking]
The SPS team is looking massive! They could start a football team with that many riders! Following two days of training at UK Bike Park the SPS team compete at the first Halo British Downhill Series of the year under the wing of Steve Peat. Hop .....
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Extreme Mexican Mountain Biking
Extreme Mexican Mountain Biking High-speed mountain biking down the narrow alleys of Taxco, Mexic...

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90-minute Sydney Jetpack Adventure for 2 People
Price: $498
Region: Sydney
Category: Extreme Sports

Sky Diving

Tandem Skydive Bells Beach/Great Ocean Rd -Torquay
Price: $399
Region: Great Ocean Road
Category: Sky Diving

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Go-Karts on Steroids
I have been an avid road racer for several years. I began racing 125cc ShifterKarts in 1997. These Go-Karts on steroids can go 130mph with 0-60 in under 4 seconds. Last july I attended a race at Putnam Park,In. this 2 mile road course is very fast and tricky. I started the race in 20th position, had moved up to 5th when The **** hit the fan. Going into a tight right hander, about 60mph the 3rd and 4th place guys got into each other and came across the track in front of me. I had no where to go, and blasted the guy in the rear. I remember the tail of my Kart coming off the ground, as it slamed me on to the asphalt track. I came out of the Kart, at that point and was ran into by another racer. That impact shattered my helmet as well as my left collar bone, and right wrist.I tumbled several times before coming to a stop in the grass.I lost track of time. It seemed as if the ambulance was there waiting for me.When I stood up I realalized I could not walk. My right ankle was also broken. I crawled past my trashed Kart and made it to the ambulance.They took me to a local hospital. I might as well been taken to witch doctors!. These people failed to notice my severly broken ankle, or that I had a serious concusion. They offed me pain pills wich I refused. You see, I was not the only one In my Group. My 16 year old son and a friend was also with me. My son Had witnesed the whole thing and was very concerned. Some competitors at the track helped my son get my equipment packed up , and brought my him to the hospital.He was glad to see me in one peice(sort of). I then was faced six hour drive ahead of me.I had to stop 3 times on the way home because of the pain.I knew I had to get those kids home,so I just kept going!.Well, in hind site , I would do it all over again!. My first race back was in January at Daytona International Speedway. I started 35th of 40 , and went to 3rd on the first lap. I ran as high as 2nd till I made a mistake wich left me in 5th spot.My son was there with me and we were fairly happy with the results( We should have had a top 3) A fried of mine told me " you never know how fast your going , till you fall off!" I say " **** happens!" lets go racing!!! .....
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extreme sport Flanders Air. Copyright © Blue Element Photography extreme sport extreme sport

Extreme Sport Articles

No Fear Slogans [X Games]
All these slogans are copyright No Fear: This is a real newspaper article : Some guy climed up a water tower to spraypaint something. Fell 60 odd feet to his death. What was he spraypainting? "NO FEAR" Are you afraid to DIE? Or just afraid to .....
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What You Need To Know Prior To Scuba Diving [Diving]
Scuba diving can be a great pastime for you if you love the water. In the summer it's a great water sport where you can cool off while keeping physically fit! However there are aspects that you will want to consider first. These will indeed help yo .....
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Your Mountain Bike Needs A Little Lovin' Too...How To Care For Your Bike! [Mountain Biking]
When you're out on the trail, miles and miles from home, you don't want any serious mechanical situations occurring with your bike. Pushing your bike up and down steep, slippery slopes is not what mountain biking is all about. You want a fun, exhilar .....
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